Hunter Pence

Major League Baseball Player, San Francisco Giants

Amy Gutierrez

SF Giants In-Game Reporter, CSN Bay Area

“Wow! You are amazing… You hit it outta the ballpark!... You need to share your talent for interpretation.

I sent you my entire family... and what was great was that their were some truths that were learnable moments, hearing about it as a spirit animal is different from hearing from a dad or sibling or friends. The ‘third party’ nature of the interpretation took some of the sting out of what might be considered criticism. And of course everyone ate the “good stuff” with a spoon…

I want to tell all my friends, family and colleagues. I think there is business applications too!”

Ray Warren

President, Sports NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises

“We enlisted Julie’s support for a corporate offsite. We were honoring our leader and built a totem pole for the spirit animals that she read for about 15-20 of his direct reports. It was the hit of the weekend.

Her readings were spot on; they were insightful, humorous, and always interesting. We bought stuffed versions of the spirit animals for each of the executives to take home. Many still have them, and a framed copy of Julie’s reading in their offices. I highly recommend her services. She’s easy to work with, fun, and the readings are incredibly accurate.”

Ted Griggs

President, Group and Strategic Production & Programming Leader, NBC Sports Regional Networks

Video Excerpt:

“…really rewarding…

…learning characteristics…

My whole family wants to know their spirit animal.

It’s fun.

It makes a great gift idea.”