What is a Spirit Animal?

For me, a spirit animal is a connection between the human and animal form. I personally have to see a person’s eyes to determine his or her primary spirit animal. In a nutshell, a spirit animal is the energy I see or feel that represents an animals’ characteristics in a human.

Can you have more than one spirit animal?

They say eyes are the window to your soul. While the eyes actually do change size over time, the cornea stays the same size from birth to death and the cornea is the outermost part of the eye, the first thing I see.

Can your animal change?

Many believe you can have more than one animal spirit but I happen to believe it’s a monogamous relationship with one very prominent animal revealed through your eyes and your animal is with you throughout your existence.

What if I don’t like my spirit animal?

There are no bad animals. Every animal has positive traits. I encourage you to embrace it, understand it and make peace with it. Take the pluses and utilize any negatives as an opportunity to work on traits you may not like about yourself.

Do animals that present themselves other than my spirit animal mean something?

They certainly can. Signs are everywhere. For example, they may be telling you what you need to focus on at that time or be aware of. They’re helping guide you beyond your prominent Spirit Animal. For example, if you see a rattlesnake on your morning hike, it may mean you need to reconsider a decision that day. Or if a deer crosses your path, you may need to tap into your softer, gentler side.